Paypal Pro Checkout

PayPal Pro Checkout is third party tool that is used for online transaction of money. It guarantees security and is evidently one of the most used across the globe. Available in various languages and transferring almost all currencies in the world. Just like the PayPal express, the Pro is a professional in terms of looks and features. Get you customers hook to the website with the help of use-friendly features.

It offers the feature of the merchant account and the payment gateway integrated with your website. Get a shopping cart that would help you pre-integrate with the checkout account.

Your customers can log in to make the payment via credit card. Next step is that the PayPal stores billing and the shipping information and the entire payment process. The customer then confirms the purchase and goes back to your website to feed in the purchase information.

You can easily control the customer experience from the beginning till the end. The process can be made faster with the help of PayPal Pro Checkout.

Business Design Solutions can help you incorporate this package into your website at an affordable price.

€ 349